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Adeolu Adekola

Adeolu joined the CIJ to manage its Open Climate Reporting Initiative (OCRI). The initiative has reached beneficiaries in 53 countries (across Africa, Asia and the Americas), with reported successes that have included making communities more climate-resilient, and reducing the vulnerabilities of local populations to climate change. Through his decade-long experience in project management, information technology, accountability in governance, civic engagement and investigative journalism, Adeolu has successfully facilitated media/investigative training and led other social development projects covering a wide range of issues, from education to elections and health to mention a few.

Summer Conference Event
 — Panel Talk

Climate Arson and Cover-Ups

Discover a variety of innovative investigative methods put to good use uncovering environmental harms and greenwashing. From mapping fossil fuel projects in conservation sites, to cross-border collaborations digging through hidden harms buried within 'green' hydrogen investments, to using drones to expose the deliberate burning of the UK's largest natural carbon store, you'll hear from a range of the best environmental investigations around the world.
Summer Conference Event
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Making It Count: Using Data to Tell Stories from the Climate Crisis

We are already seeing the impacts of the climate crisis, and many are so wide-ranging and devastating that they are difficult to comprehend. Many journalists are taking the skills and techniques of data journalism and applying these to the disastrous ramifications of climate change.
OCRI Event

Climate change media training – Nigeria

Participants will be taken through several modules that include: Understanding Climate Change concepts, causes, evidence and impacts in Africa, Introduction to Climate Finance: Contexts and Instruments, Using Technology and Social Media for Climate and Environmental Advocacy and Social Mobilisation, Environmental Crimes and Climate Change and Understanding Nigeria’s Climate Change Act, Nationally Determined Contribution and other […]