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Between December 2022 and July 2023, and in partnership with UNESCO, we executed proposed activities under the Climate Change in News Media project. Collaborating with Adisi-Cameroon for Francophone Africa and the Centre for Journalism, Innovation and Development (CJID) for Anglophone Africa, we directly trained 40 journalists from 14 media organisations from 4 countries, namely Cameroon, Gabon, Ghana and Nigeria.

The post-training support to the newsrooms also yielded an unprecedented impact. The trained beneficiaries trained over 80 more  journalists in their organisations, while at least 6 of the newsrooms have now set up a climate change reporting desk by participating in the project. So far, this has led to the publication/broadcast of over 100 stories (see compilation)!

The collaborative effort was built on the ongoing success of the CIJ’s global Open Climate Reporting Initiative (OCRI), providing climate focused workshops for reporters in three regions around the world.

Our partnership with UNESCO’s Section for Media Development and Media in Emergency went beyond regular news coverage. It strengthened the capacity of media in the four countries to hold powerful actors to account, use digital methodologies for news gathering and production, and practice solutions journalism to combat climate change.

The partnership made use of the Paris-based organisation’s networks and offices in Africa. Together with CIJ’s own resources and partners in dozens of countries throughout the continent, it held workshops for news organisations on climate change in two English- and two French-speaking countries.

Throughout this year, OCRI is also bring our investigative training to three new climate-affected regions of the world.

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Francophone Africa – List of Beneficiary Media Organisations

Working with ADISI-Cameroun, we engaged five media organisations in Cameroon and Gabon. Cameroon Mutations Newspaper One of Cameroon’s most popular and nationally circulated newspapers that the South Media Corporation group publishes.

Anglophone Africa – List of Beneficiary Media Organisations

Working with the Centre for Journalism Innovation and Development, we engaged ten media organisations in Nigeria and Ghana. Nigeria Tribune The oldest running private newspaper in Nigeria was founded in 1949 and published by African Newspapers of Nigeria PLC.