The Centre for Investigative Journalism
The Centre for Investigative Journalism

International Investigative Practice is a new initiative from the CIJ focused on training journalists from across the world in a wide range of investigative skills.

Initially these training programmes are being delivered in Latin America, Francophone Africa and South Asia. After conducting pilot sessions in each region to scope out the needs of the journalists working there, we collaborate with local trainers and partner organisations to produce a bespoke investigative training programme. The pilot sessions and tailored programmes take place online, in local languages and with simultaneous translation available where needed.

If you would like to bring our International Investigative Practice programme to your region, or collaborate with us in an existing area, please contact us at:


Latin America

As part of our new International Investigative Practice initiative the CIJ is proud to present a five-day overarching training programme in Spanish, aimed at journalists and other investigators in Latin America.

América Latina

CIJ presenta un programa de entrenamiento general en español, dirigido a periodistas y otros investigadores en América Latina. Comprende desde el espíritu de la práctica investigativa en soportes digitales, pasando por metodologías y herramientas de verificación, procesamiento de datos, inteligencia de fuentes abiertas (OSINT) y visualización, hasta los dilemas más apremiantes de ética y seguridad que estas conllevan.

South Asia

Following on from our successful pilot workshops for Latin America held in summer 2020, we have been awarded a grant from the Bertha Foundation to pilot similar training in the Indian Subcontinent. We have, to date, conducted three training sessions, one in Nepal and two in India with the objective of the developing investigative skills of participants and helping them find new sources for stories through data and advanced search techniques.

Francophone Africa

The Centre for Investigative Journalism presents a free four session training course to cover mining across Francophone Africa for journalists based in the region. The pilot sessions cover everything from building an investigation and gathering sources to following the money, digital security and storytelling.

Afrique francophone

Le Centre for Investigative Journalism (Centre pour le journalisme d’investigation) organise une formation gratuite de quatre sessions pour couvrir l’exploitation minière en Afrique francophone, à l’intention des journalistes basés dans la région, particulièrement en Afrique Centrale et de l’Est.