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Gianluca Liva

Gianluca Liva is an Italian science journalist and science communicator. He is one of the founders of RADAR Magazine, the website of an Italian collective of science, investigative and environmental journalists and photographers. He covers environmental crimes, toxicology and the social impacts of pollution. He has contributed to Le Scienze (Scientific American), MIND, VICE Media Group LCC, European Science Media Hub and other media. As a science communicator, he has worked with the UN Environment Program, UNESCO Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission and the International Fact-Checking Network.

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Making It Count: Using Data to Tell Stories from the Climate Crisis

We are already seeing the impacts of the climate crisis, and many are so wide-ranging and devastating that they are difficult to comprehend. Many journalists are taking the skills and techniques of data journalism and applying these to the disastrous ramifications of climate change.
Journalist and science communicator at RADAR Magazine