Learn the skills, values and tools of investigative journalism.

  • Lyra McKee Investigative Journalism Training Bursary

    We are delighted to announce that we will be offering the Lyra McKee Investigative Journalism Training Bursary.   The aim of this bursary scheme is to train people from underprivileged backgrounds, who aspire to become journalists or who are journalists at the very early stages of their career, by providing them with support to attend […]

  • Introduction to Code for Journalists

    Code can help with a wide range of journalistic research tasks, from collating and cleaning data to automating the monitoring of public information. If you want to learn coding skills to speed up and enhance your own research, this course is for you.

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Think differently about how investigative journalism can be done.

  • On the Ground and in the Ether

    Chair: Chris Woods Founding Director, Airwars Panellists: Iona Craig Freelance reporter and founder of the Yemen Data Project Anand Gopal Journalist and author of No Good Men Among the Living: America, the Taliban and the War Through Afghan Eyes.

  • Forensic Journalism

    Chair: James Harkin Director, The Centre for Investigative Journalism Panellists: Eyal Weizman Founding Director, Forensic Architecture Samaneh Moafi Research Fellow, Forensic Architecture Eliot Higgins Founder of Bellingcat

  • Protecting Stories

    Chair: Sarah Giaziri Director, Frontline Freelance Register Panellists: Laurent Richard Founder, Forbidden Stories Pavla Holcova Organised Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) May Jeong The Intercept

  • Source Code

    Chair: Silkie Carlo Director, Big Brother Watch Panellists: Joseph Cox Technology journalist at Vice’s Motherboard Marie Gutbub Infosec Trainer and Nextcloud Fabio Natali Director, Reckon Digital

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