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Climate Arson and Cover-ups

Discover a variety of innovative investigative methods put to good use uncovering environmental harms and greenwashing. From mapping fossil fuel projects in conservation sites to cross-border collaborations digging through hidden harms buried within ‘green’ hydrogen investments and using drones to expose the deliberate burning of the UK’s largest natural carbon store, you’ll hear from a range of the best environmental investigations around the world.

With Emma Howard (Unearthed), Nimra Shahid (freelance, formerly the Bureau of Investigative Journalism), Sebastian Rodriguez (Climate Home News) and Roxanne Joseph (Oxpeckers).

This talk is supported by JournalismFund Europe.

4 July 2024 – Climate Arson and Cover-ups


Adeolu Adekola

Adeolu joined the CIJ to manage its Open Climate Reporting Initiative (OCRI) that has reached beneficiaries in 53 countries (across Africa, Asia and the Americas) with reported successes that have included making communities more climate-resilient, and reducing the vulnerabilities of local populations to climate change.

Emma Howard

Emma Howard is a reporter for Unearthed, the investigative journalism outfit launched by Greenpeace UK. Her recent work has focused on plastic, climate change and offsetting. In 2023 her investigation into the burning of England's peatlands won Investigation of the Year at the Association of British Science Writers' Awards.

Nimra Shahid

Nimra Shahid is an award-winning freelance journalist. Her recent work has focused on climate change, greenwashing and how money flows into the fossil fuel industry. She has worked with Bloomberg, the Bureau of Investigative Journalism, Global Witness and the Guardian.

Roxanne Joseph

Roxanne Joseph is a data journalist and project manager at Oxpeckers Investigative Environmental Journalism. Based in Cape Town, South Africa, she manages several Oxpeckers tools, #WildEye and #PowerTracker, and has trained journalists in Africa, Europe and Asia to map, track and report on wildlife, green energy and other environmental crimes.

Sebastián Rodríguez

Sebastián Rodríguez joined Climate Home News in 2022 as special projects editor, coordinating international investigations with a focus on climate accountability. He has reported on climate for Reuters, The Verge, DW and Mongabay. Originally from Costa Rica and currently based in the UK.
  • 4 July 2024 09.30–10.30
Location: LG02
4 July 2024

COP Reporting – how to prepare and keep focused

The UN Conference of the Parties to the UNFCCC is one of the biggest news events for international climate change negotiations each year, but it can be difficult to navigate as a journalist without the right preparation.

3 July 2024

Investigating the Climate Crisis – Beyond Reporting the What

In the midst of an unfolding global crisis, climate reporting is an urgent and necessary field, but there is a corresponding need for journalists to go further than reporting on what is happening due to climate change and investigate deeper questions - why it is happening, who is responsible, who is profiting and how the much-vaunted solutions are being undermined to the point of futility.

3 July 2024

GeoJournalism: Detecting Oil and Gas Concessions in Protected Areas. Hands-on. B.

Overlaps between natural resource exploitation and exploration licenses and protected area can be a great starter for diving into an environmental investigation! But just why and how could you apply this process in a systemic manner when it comes to global extractive giants?