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Our handbook series is a range of guides for investigative journalists, campaigners and NGOs. They offer an in-depth look at investigative techniques and tools for researchers.

Investigative Practice

by Tom Sanderson

Investigative Practice was a series of experimental seminars developed by The Centre for Investigative Journalism especially for the 2018 Logan Symposium: Conspiracy. Over the course of the series invited guests and attendees were given the opportunity to learn the tools, tactics and strategies of traditional and emergent investigations; from some of the world’s foremost journalists, thinkers and doers.

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The Hidden Scenario

by Luuk Sengers and Mark Lee Hunter

The Hidden Scenario focuses on how making a scenario can help you investigate. Part One details the basic principles of constructing a chronology. In Part Two, we move on to the construction of powerful scenes.

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The Story Tells the Facts

by Luuk Sengers and Mark Lee Hunter

This book will help you to make your investigative writing better by focusing on writing skills, because they transpose very well into other media. To order, please complete the order form. If you can tell a story in words and capture information in a narrative, the odds of telling a good story in film or radio go up, too.

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The Investigative Journalist’s Guide to Company Accounts

by Raj Bairoliya

An introduction from the author, Raj Bairoliya A little history is in order. A dozen or so years ago, I was complaining to my friend Michael Gillard about the standard of financial investigative journalism in the UK – it was a matter of serious concern to me as I make my living from investigating wrongdoing.

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Investigative Photography

by CJ Clarke, Damien Spleeters and Juliet Ferguson

This manual has been written for journalists, NGO workers and other individuals for whom photography could be useful to support their work. It is not a guide to taking better pictures, but how to use the camera for evidence gathering.

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FOIA without the Lawyer

by Brendan Montague and Lucas Amin

The Freedom of Information Act is an excellent journalistic tool that offers access to information held by more than 100,000 public bodies in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. In FOIA without the Lawyer, the authors share the methodology they have developed while running The Request Initiative and making requests on behalf of charities, NGOs and campaigning groups.

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DPA without the Lawyer

by Jenna Corderoy and Brendan Montague

The Journalists' Guide to making Subject Access Requests under the Data Protection Act 1988 To order, please complete the order form. This handbook is the third in the series on access to information instruments, and follows on from the Freedom of Information Act and Environmental Information Regulations (EIRs) that were completed by Request Initiative for CIJ in previous years.

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EIRs without the Lawyer

by Lucas Amin and Brendan Montague

Human beings depend on the environment for their survival. Industrialisation and development, for all their benefits, have led to the neglect, damage and destruction of the environment all over the world.

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