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The Hidden Scenario

Luuk Sengers and Mark Lee Hunter

The Hidden Scenario focuses on how making a scenario can help you investigate.

Part One details the basic principles of constructing a chronology. In Part Two, we move on to the construction of powerful scenes. In particular, we alert the reader to the kinds of dramatic details that must be collected, and why. Part Three shows how scenes lead to sources: people, documents and data that might be available to prove your hypothesis and enrich your narrative. Part Four helps you apply your scenario in the field as a research tool.

“The Hunter-Sengers method codifies for the first time the strategy, structure and techniques necessary to deliver complex and challenging investigations. It is brilliantly intelligent and useably simple. It has completely revolutionised the way I work.”
Brendan Montague, Request Initiative
The Hidden Scenario: Interview with the Authors
Dan Hind speaks to Luuk Sengers and Mark Lee Hunter, authors of The Hidden Scenario about how their hypothesis theory came about.


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