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Investigative Practice

Tom Sanderson

Investigative Practice was a series of experimental seminars developed by The Centre for Investigative Journalism especially for the 2018 Logan Symposium: Conspiracy. Over the course of the series invited guests and attendees were given the opportunity to learn the tools, tactics and strategies of traditional and emergent investigations; from some of the world’s foremost journalists, thinkers and doers.

Each session included an expert Chair and Panel, but the discussion was open, informal and participatory, with the intention that everyone present had a chance to contribute their own perspectives and ask questions.

Each seminar lasted 60 mins and aimed to:

  • Address hurdles and contradictory elements between emerging techniques and traditional practice.
  • Foster interdisciplinary collaboration between journalists, hackers, academics, artists and activists in order to challenge power and investigate abuses and injustice.
  • Create a network made up of people with a wide range of perspectives on the issues, from academia to professional practitioners.
  • Initiate a working legacy for the Logan Symposium that records and disseminates some of the expertise brought together for the event.

The discussions were recorded and collated and you can download a free copy of the full summary document below.

by Tom Sanderson