The Centre for Investigative Journalism
The Centre for Investigative Journalism

Raymond Mujuni

Raymond is an investigative journalist in East Africa currently working with Nation Media Group as the head of the Current Affairs Programming and show Host for the Fourth Estate program. He is also Deputy Director at the African Institute For Investigative Journalism (AIIJ). He is a three time winner of the National Journalism Award for explanatory reporting and Investigative Reporting for his stories that exposed a high end government to government deal for the exchange of refugees for guns between Uganda and Israel. He also received the Explanatory reporting award in 2020 for his story chronicling the fate of MV Templar. His impactful investigation on Makerere’s sexual harassment caused a review of the University policy and a debate on a national sexual offences bill.

OCRI Event

Investigating climate change and environmental crimes training

Following a call for pitches, 10 journalists will be taken through an in-depth course with modules such as introduction to environment crime and environmental law, Introduction to climate change, investigative journalism and the environment and the cause-effect relationship: Does climate change lead to environmental crime or vice versa?