The Centre for Investigative Journalism
The Centre for Investigative Journalism

4th CIJ Logan Symposium

Collective Intelligence

16–19 November 2020

Amidst the global pandemic, the CIJ Logan Symposium goes online. This November we present four days of challenging conversations, presentations and workshops; tackling everything from algorithms to state-sponsored surveillance, from official intimidation to insidious new forms of censorship.

Below you will find links to this year’s special events and experiments. The Symposium’s Main-Stage events and Training sessions are free to attend. To sign up visit our Registration page.

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The Open Lab is a new initiative from the CIJ Logan Symposium to promote work at the intersection of investigative journalism and the arts.

A whistleblower contacts you, and says they have information which the public should see. As you’re drawn into a world of politics, corruption and surveillance, who can you trust? Tickets are now on sale for Fast Familiar’s interactive thriller.

14th - 18th November 2020. Limited availability.
Price: £12


Published: 07 Oct 2020

Programme announcement

We’re thrilled to announce the first batch of conversations and panel discussions for this years Symposium. We’ll be announcing more panels, presentations, workshops and events in the coming weeks.
Published: 06 Oct 2020

Introducing our speakers

With interventions from AI WEIWEI, CORY DOCTOROW, ELOÏSE BAJOU, EYAL WEIZMAN, HATICE CENGIZ, IAN COBAIN, JACK POULSON, JANINA FINDEISEN, JIAYANG FAN, NABIHA SYED, NICHOLSON BAKER, STELLA MORIS, and TIM MAUGHAN, this year’s symposium will be bringing together some of the world’s most creative thinkers to discuss how best to take advantage of our new collective intelligence, and how to build better international alliances against the encroachment of surveillance, official secrecy and censorship.