The Centre for Investigative Journalism
The Centre for Investigative Journalism

Bespoke Training

Alongside our scheduled courses, the CIJ offers bespoke training programmes. As part of these packages, we work closely with editors, research teams and their managers to understand the skills they currently possess, the skills they know they need, and the areas where our training can help in ways they may not be aware of. Regardless of the size of your organisation and the experience of your teams, we can put together a training programme that will enhance your investigations, save you time and increase your impact.

Financial Investigations

Taught by forensic accountants and veteran finance journalists, this course is designed to show you how to understand company accounts and get beyond the corporate PR spin.

Data Journalism

The techniques of data journalism have evolved since the days of Computer-Assisted-Reporting, but the principles of Philip Meyer’s Precision Journalism still apply. From the Migrant Files to the Panama Papers, data has been providing leads, analysis, evidence and explainers for some of the best, hardest hitting journalism of recent times.

Freedom of Information

Freedom of Information legislation can be an incredibly powerful tool for journalists. This workshop explains how to make effective use of the UK Freedom of Information Act.

Source Protection

The task of source protection is arguably the most important responsibility for a serious investigative journalist. A crucial question for investigative journalists is how to marry information and communication technology with the need for security and privacy?

Investigative Methodology

Story-Based Inquiry treats investigative journalism as an integrated process focused on producing an original story. Based on a process developed by Mark Lee Hunter, a leading investigator and academic, and Luuk Sengers, a journalist and lecturer, this is a well-established methodology that offers practical training in producing an evidence-based narrative.

Open-Source Intelligence

From early conflict and munitions monitoring to high-profile investigations such as Anatomy of a Killing, using advanced internet research techniques has quickly developed to become a crucial practice for journalists in both breaking news and long-form investigations.