Bespoke Training

Alongside our scheduled courses, we also offer bespoke training programmes in investigative skills.

We will work closely with research or investigative teams to determine the skills you currently possess, how best to acquire the skills you know you need, and in many cases identify areas where our training can help in ways you're unaware of.

These programmes aim to maximise the efficiency of your research workflow by helping to streamline investigative methods and teaching new tools that can automate and simplify complex tasks. In addition, we will introduce new techniques that will open up areas for investigation that have previously been beyond your team's capacity or skillset. Wherever possible we base our training around live investigations, so while staff are training they're still making progress on research projects, and will return to the office with new tools and techniques to speed up that progress.

As well as training staff in newsrooms covering stories at national, local and community levels, we have worked with investigative teams and campaigners at many NGOs, advocacy organisations and trades unions. We have also worked with many academic institutions to augment teaching provision with practical investigative skills and cutting-edge research techniques.

So, whether it's producing resource-intensive robust investigative journalism under severe time pressures; or creating data-driven storytelling to promote campaigns and push for social change; speeding up researchers' data work to cut down the time required to produce impactful well-researched stories; training a full investigations team to get issues into the national press; or simply staying up to date with the latest techniques and methodology of investigative journalism; or whatever else it may be, we can help.

Our training is led by experienced journalists and specialists and is always centred around the attendees to ensure that they leave with new skills that can be applied to their work immediately and with confidence.

More information on the subjects we regularly cover and how they can be applied to research projects is available via the left navigation on this page.

Contact us on to discuss our hands-on practical courses in the tradecraft of investigative journalism and how it can help your team and your organisation.