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May Ahmed

May Ahmed is a dedicated professional responsible for the Sustainable Development and Energy Program at the Egyptian Enterprise Center. With a Master’s degree in Sustainable Development Planning, she brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her role. Currently, she is also engaged as a Ph.D. researcher in Crisis and Risk Management, which further enriches her understanding of the complexities involved in sustainable development and energy. Her work involves strategising and implementing programs that align with the goals of sustainable development, focusing on energy efficiency and sustainable practices while navigating the challenges of crisis and risk management in these sectors.

OCRI Event

Webinar: Carbon Markets and Debt Swapping in Developing Countries

The third webinar in the series hosted by OCRI MENA partner, Climate In Arabic is titled "Carbon Markets and Debt Swapping in Developing Countries". This engaging webinar, led by esteemed journalist Amro Khan, delves into the significance of Voluntary Carbon Markets (VCMs) in reducing emissions and their impact on the sustainability of developing nations.