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Webinar: Carbon Markets and Debt Swapping in Developing Countries

The third webinar in the series hosted by OCRI MENA partner, Climate In Arabic is titled “Carbon Markets and Debt Swapping in Developing Countries”. This engaging webinar, led by esteemed journalist Amro Khan, delves into the significance of Voluntary Carbon Markets (VCMs) in reducing emissions and their impact on the sustainability of developing nations.

This session is designed to equip participants with insights into how VCMs aid companies in environmental responsibility and the role of debt swapping in supporting developing countries.

Duration: 120 minutes

Key topics include:

  • The role and challenges of VCMs in environmental sustainability.
  • Debt swapping mechanisms for developing countries.
  • The future and regulation of voluntary carbon markets.

You can register for the webinar here or follow Climate In Arabic on social media for updates.

5 January 2024 – Webinar: Carbon Markets and Debt Swapping in Developing Countries


May Ahmed

May Ahmed is a dedicated professional responsible for the Sustainable Development and Energy Program at the Egyptian Enterprise Center. With a Master's degree in Sustainable Development Planning, she brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her role.

Dr. Rania Abu Naima

A distinguished Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development Consultant Dr. Abu Naima holds the significant position of Secretary-General of the Environment Eye Association and serves as the General Coordinator of the Arab Initiative for Promoting Carbon Certificates and Market.

Dr. Ayman Al-Rifai

Dr. Al-Rifai is the Head of Mitigation and Clean Development Mechanism and Carbon Certificates Marketing at the Egyptian Ministry of Environment. In his pivotal role, he spearheads efforts to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions within Egypt, aligning with the global environmental sustainability goals.

Amro Khan

A distinguished journalist renowned for his expertise in energy, environmental issues, and climate change, Amro Khan's work extends beyond the realms of journalism into the academic fields of political science and African economics.


  • 5 January 2024 16.00–18.00 Egypt Standard Time (GMT +2)
Egypt Standard Time (GMT +2)