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Dr. Ayman Al-Rifai

Dr. Al-Rifai is the Head of Mitigation and Clean Development Mechanism and Carbon Certificates Marketing at the Egyptian Ministry of Environment. In his pivotal role, he spearheads efforts to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions within Egypt, aligning with the global environmental sustainability goals. He expertly manages the Clean Development Mechanism, an integral part of the Kyoto Protocol, which focuses on promoting sustainable development alongside emission reduction. His responsibilities extend to the dynamic sphere of carbon certificates marketing, where he plays a vital role in facilitating carbon trading, crucial for both the government and private sectors in their pursuit of environmental sustainability.

OCRI Event

Webinar: Carbon Markets and Debt Swapping in Developing Countries

The third webinar in the series hosted by OCRI MENA partner, Climate In Arabic is titled "Carbon Markets and Debt Swapping in Developing Countries". This engaging webinar, led by esteemed journalist Amro Khan, delves into the significance of Voluntary Carbon Markets (VCMs) in reducing emissions and their impact on the sustainability of developing nations.