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Amro Khan

A distinguished journalist renowned for his expertise in energy, environmental issues, and climate change, Amro Khan’s work extends beyond the realms of journalism into the academic fields of political science and African economics. With a deep-rooted understanding of these complex and interconnected areas, Khan brings a unique and insightful perspective to discussions on global environmental challenges. His ability to analyse and communicate intricate issues in energy and climate change, coupled with his knowledge of political and economic landscapes, especially in the African context, makes him a respected figure in his field.

OCRI Event

Webinar: Carbon Markets and Debt Swapping in Developing Countries

The third webinar in the series hosted by OCRI MENA partner, Climate In Arabic is titled "Carbon Markets and Debt Swapping in Developing Countries". This engaging webinar, led by esteemed journalist Amro Khan, delves into the significance of Voluntary Carbon Markets (VCMs) in reducing emissions and their impact on the sustainability of developing nations.