The Centre for Investigative Journalism
The Centre for Investigative Journalism

Source Protection

The task of source protection is arguably the most important responsibility for a serious investigative journalist.

A crucial question for investigative journalists is how to marry information and communication technology with the need for security and privacy? Drawing on guides and programmes from the ‘security in a box’ toolkit, this course gives practical advice on how to protect your computer’s anonymity online and ensure security and privacy for your communications. Various tools for encryption and circumvention are demonstrated and analysed.

If you want to hear from whistleblowers with tip-offs, then making sure they can trust you to keep their communications confidential is essential.

All our bespoke training is led by experienced journalists and specialists and is always centred around real life application to ensure that participants leave with new skills that can be put to use immediately and with confidence. We aim to tailor our sessions around current investigations, so that while participants are learning skills they are also making progress on live research projects, returning with new leads and information as well as new tools and techniques.

The flexibility of our coordination team and our training network allows us to build a specific curriculum that will fit your needs and provide the most effective staff development for your investigative research. If you would like to discuss this process and get a quote, please contact us at tom [at]