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The Centre for Investigative Journalism

Open-Source Intelligence

From early conflict and munitions monitoring to high-profile investigations such as Anatomy of a Killing, using advanced internet research techniques has quickly developed to become a crucial practice for journalists in both breaking news and long-form investigations. Our courses give reporters and researchers access and understanding of how to use tools and information online for verification, fact-checking and deep investigative research.

Our training in advanced online investigation teaches participants an understanding of the way information is structured on the internet and the methods and tools used by law enforcement and security services to uncover evidence that would never otherwise be available. The course equips delegates with the skills to go beyond Google and access information and open source intelligence that is freely available online but is often hidden.

These skills can speed up your research on a subject, group, company or person significantly, identifying leads, sources, links and evidence and freeing up your time to craft a compelling story.

All our bespoke training is led by experienced journalists and specialists and is always centred around real life application to ensure that participants leave with new skills that can be put to use immediately and with confidence. We aim to tailor our sessions around current investigations, so that while participants are learning skills they are also making progress on live research projects, returning with new leads and information as well as new tools and techniques.

The flexibility of our coordination team and our training network allows us to build a specific curriculum that will fit your needs and provide the most effective staff development for your investigative research. If you would like to discuss this process and get a quote, please contact us at tom [at]