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Data Journalism: Getting the Most out of Data Classes

We will be teaching a range of data journalism skills at the #CIJSummer Conference 2023.

This session will give a brief description of the skills taught and is designed to help you identify the best sessions to attend, given your own experience level and your objectives for incorporating data-driven research into your work.

The panel of data journalism trainers will discuss how data journalism skills can improve your reporting and help attendees determine how best to utilise the expertise available at the conference to enhance their own data journalism.

The skills taught at the conference include:

– Interviewing spreadsheets
– R programming language
– Web Basics
– Web Archives
– Scraping
– Visual data
– Oil tracking data

And much more!

Carmen Aguilar García

Carmen Aguilar García is an award-winning journalist, currently part of The Guardian Data Project team. Before joining the Guardian, she was the first data journalist at Sky News, working on a wide range of topics to find data stories, and covering the Covid pandemic.

Helena Bengtsson

Helena Bengtsson is the data journalism editor at Gota Media, a regional publishing company in the south of Sweden with 13 local titles. She previously worked as the data journalism editor at Sveriges Television, Sweden’s national television broadcaster, for 27 years and has also served as Editor, Data Projects of the Guardian UK between 2014-2017.

Jonathan Stoneman

Jonathan Stoneman is a freelance trainer specialising in data journalism. He has been working with data since 2010. Before that he worked at the BBC – as a reporter, producer, editor of output in Macedonian and Croatian, and finally as head of training at BBC World Service.

Louis Goddard

Louis Goddard is co-founder of Data Desk, an investigative consultancy focused on climate and the commodities industry. He previously worked for The Times and Global Witness, where he produced data-driven investigations, including as part of a high-impact campaign against Russian fossil fuel exports.

Luuk Sengers

Luuk Sengers is an experienced teacher and investigative journalist. He lectures at universities and in newsrooms and writes data-driven stories for the leading Dutch magazine De Groene Amsterdammer. He is also the co-developer of Story-Based Inquiry.

Max Harlow

Max Harlow works on the visual and data journalism team at the Financial Times, focusing on investigations. He also runs Journocoders, a group for journalists to develop technical skills for use in their reporting.

Sam Leon

Sam Leon is co-founder of Data Desk, an investigative consultancy focused on climate and the commodities industry. He previously worked at Global Witness where he ran their digital investigations unit.
  • 28 June 2023 10.50–11.50
Location: PSH 314
All levels