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Madeleine Ngeunga

Madeleine Ngeunga is a Cameroonian data journalist specialising in environment and human rights. Currently a fellow at the Pulitzer Center’s Rainforest Investigation Network and editor of InfoCongo, Madeleine combines fieldwork and satellite data analysis to produce in-depth articles. Madeleine has conducted several investigations related to forest governance, deforestation, land grabbing and the impact of climate change on communities living in the Congo Basin rainforest.

OCRI Event

OCRI learning and sharing for Francophone Africa Trainers

After a series of training of trainers in Francophone Africa, the session will provide a knowledge exchange between the various trainers trained within the framework of OCRI. Furthermore, the session facilitators who have vast experiences covering climate change and environmental data/investigative journalism will help participants to share their experiences, relay the challenges they have faced, […]
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Burundi: Investigative And Environmental Data journalism Training

The Centre for Investigative Journalism's partner in Burundi, Ajebudi-Yaga, is organising an in-person workshop for 15 reporters coming from different parts of the country, in the northern town of Ngozi.
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Burundi Train the Trainer on Investigative & Environmental Data Journalism

A specialised course designed in partnership with Ajebudi-Yaga for participants who are starting their journey in data and investigative journalism under the Open Climate Reporting Initiative (OCRI) and will emerge trainers of the subject in Burundi Class duration: 6hrs x 2 days Level of participation: very high.
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Investigating mangroves’ destruction in Cameroon

OCRI's partner in Cameroon, Adisi-Cameroon, is holding from July 18 to 20, its first training to empower journalists selected from three major cities, Douala, Kribi and Buea, in producing investigations on the phenomenon of mangrove disappearance and to help civil society to advocate for saving what remains.
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Wood for the Trees: Data-Driven Environmental Journalism

This session, led by an expert in leveraging the techniques of data journalism to produce deforestation and climate change investigations, takes attendees through the practice and pitfalls of covering the environment.
Editor at InfoCongo