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Burundi: Investigative And Environmental Data journalism Training

The Centre for Investigative Journalism’s partner in Burundi, Ajebudi-Yaga, is organising an in-person workshop for 15 reporters coming from different parts of the country, in the northern town of Ngozi.

A specialised course designed for participants who are starting their journey in data and investigative journalism under the Open Climate Reporting Initiative (OCRI) in Burundi.

Class duration: 6hrs x 5 days.

Level of participation: very high. Hands-on, assignment of training trials, screen shares, regular Q&As and participants contributions.

Participants will come away with the skills to conduct in-depth investigative journalism as well as relevant techniques to start gathering, interviewing, and presenting data for environmental reporting projects.

Madeleine Ngeunga

Madeleine Ngeunga is a Cameroonian data journalist specialising in environment and human rights. Currently a fellow at the Pulitzer Center's Rainforest Investigation Network and editor of InfoCongo, Madeleine combines fieldwork and satellite data analysis to produce in-depth articles.

Maxime Koami Domegni

Based in Dakar Senegal, Maxime is the Francophone Africa Editor for the Global Investigative Journalism Network (GIJN). He is a journalist with years of experience in investigative journalism. Maxime has worked in, and collaborated with, a number of different media organisations, including the CIJ’s Francophone Africa Investigative Practice programme held in February 2022.


  • 7 September 2022 UTC+2
  • 8 September 2022 UTC+2
  • 9 September 2022 UTC+2
  • 10 September 2022 UTC+2
  • 11 September 2022 UTC+2