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Lou Del Bello

Lou Del Bello Lou is a climate and energy journalist who has been based in India for the past three and a half years. During two lockdowns, she wrote about what it feels like to be lonely in front of slow and sudden global crises, she covered the rollout of India’s contact tracing app and the impacts of air pollution on the spread of Covid-19.
She currently works as special projects editor for the online magazine The Third Pole, and was environment correspondent for Bloomberg in Delhi and a freelance science writer for BBC, Undark, Nature News, New Scientist and more.
She is a 2021 winner of The Freelance Writing Awards in the Science and Health Category.

Summer Conference Event
 — Discussion

No Country Left Behind? The Indian Covid-19 catastrophe

With the desperate Covid-19 situation in India continuing to dominate the headlines, our panel examines what went wrong. Supriya Sharma, Executive Editor at talks about covering the Covid-19 crisis on the ground and the work journalists have to do to to show what the situation is like in hospitals and in the community.
Special Projects Manager at The Third Pole