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Kelsey Farish

Kelsey Farish is a media solicitor specialising in the legal, ethical and practical implications of generative AI (genAI) content like deepfakes. She advises media companies, individuals, industry bodies, and policymakers on genAI challenges and opportunities, including those surrounding copyright, reputation, and public trust. An advocate of responsible AI integration in entertainment and journalism, her work emphasises the importance of media literacy, consent and transparency. Amongst other things, she serves on the advisory board of the European Commission’s VERification Assisted by Artificial Intelligence (Vera AI) project, which develops AI-supported verification tools for combating disinformation. When not at her desk, Kelsey enjoys exploring London with her husband and young son.

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The AI Revolution: Should We Issue Warnings or Welcomes?

From the potential to erode trust through deep fakes and AI-powered misinformation, to dangers around undermining job security and creative innovation, there are genuine threats and challenges that this technology poses to both journalism and wider society.
Media Solicitor at Reviewed and Cleared