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The AI Revolution: Should We Issue Warnings or Welcomes?

From the potential to erode trust through deep fakes and AI-powered misinformation, to dangers around undermining job security and creative innovation, there are genuine threats and challenges that this technology poses to both journalism and wider society.

However, generative AI also brings the promise of empowering journalists and citizens alike towards deeper investigative research and improved transparency, accountability and justice. From automated monitoring and analysis of datasets, images or videos, to assistance in coding or identifying connections, there are a range of applications for AI that can help in our investigations. But what flaws, biases and dangers do we need to be aware of as we incorporate these new technologies?

This panel will discuss all the ways in which generative AI will impact investigative journalism – whether positive, negative or potentially unforeseen. Chaired by Paul Lynch.

Joshua Olufemi

Joshua Olufemi is a media development practitioner, entrepreneur and the Founder of Dataphyte, a media and data analytics company. Since its establishment, Dataphyte has pioneered several data access, data journalism and AI-powered products, including Nubia AI, Goloka, and Anfani.

Kelsey Farish

Kelsey Farish is a media solicitor specialising in the legal, ethical and practical implications of generative AI (genAI) content like deepfakes. She advises media companies, individuals, industry bodies, and policymakers on genAI challenges and opportunities, including those surrounding copyright, reputation, and public trust.

Paul Bradshaw

Professor Paul Bradshaw is an online journalist and blogger, who leads the MA in Data Journalism at Birmingham City University. He manages his own blog, the Online Journalism Blog (OJB), and was the co-founder of Help Me Investigate, an investigative journalism website funded by Channel 4 and Screen WM.

Paul Lynch

Paul Lynch is a multi-award winning journalist who cut his teeth in local newsrooms in Derbyshire and Northampton before helping to establish Johnston Press’s investigations Unit and more recently, the BBC’s Shared Data Unit.
  • 4 July 2024 10.00–11.00
Location: LG 02