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Delphine Reuter

Delphine Reuter is ICIJ’s data journalist and researcher.

She started collaborating with ICIJ on the LuxLeaks project in 2014. Prior to joining ICIJ’s Data & Research Unit full time, she described her position as “brain for hire.” She’s no data witch, but somehow working for ICIJ has sparked a love for spreadsheets, everything that requires research, and cross-border investigations.

Previously she was a freelancer working on investigative cross-border projects. She has also been a researcher for environmental organizations. More recently, she was a coordinator of journalism training for professionals and a teacher at IHECS, a journalism school in Brussels.

Symposium Event
 — Roundtable

Building Databases for Transparency

From troves of leaked documents to huge datasets and scraped collations of public records, what are the priorities of those that need these resources to dig deeper and use the information to hold the powerful to account, and to what extent do those needs fit with the possibilities and opportunities available to the experts working […]
Data journalist and researcher at ICIJ