The Centre for Investigative Journalism
The Centre for Investigative Journalism

4th CIJ Logan Symposium

Collective Intelligence

16–19 November 2020

Ai Weiwei

Ai Weiwei is renowned for making strong aesthetic statements that resonate with timely phenomena across today’s geopolitical world. From architecture to installations, social media to documentaries, Ai Weiwei uses a wide range of media as expressions of new ways for his audiences to examine society and its values.

Alberto Nerazzini

Alberto Nerazzini is an Italian investigative journalist, and the director and co-founder of investigative press agency and production company DERSU.

April Glaser

April Glaser is an investigative journalist at NBC News, covering the technology industry and labor and workplace culture in Silicon Valley. Previously, she worked at Slate, Recode, and Wired, reporting on AI, surveillance, disinformation and hate online, and the politics of social media platforms.

Aymenn Jawad Al-Tamimi

Aymenn Jawad Al-Tamimi is an independent analyst and a doctoral candidate at Swansea University, where he focuses on the role of historical narratives in Islamic State propaganda. His public media work focuses primarily on the Islamic State, Iraq, and Syria, and he has been cited in numerous outlets for his insights, including The New York […]

Banjo Damilola

Banjo Damilola is an investigative journalist from Nigeria. She reports on education, health, and social justice. She is one of Transparency International’s young journalists in 2018. A graduate of Communication and Language Arts from the University of Ibadan.

Barbora Bukovská

Barbora Bukovská is a human rights attorney and activist, known for her work on racial discrimination of Romani people in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Since 2009, she has been a Senior Director for Law and Policy at ARTICLE 19, an international free speech organisation.

Cecilia Anesi

Cecilia Anesi is an Italian journalist and reporter at the Investigative Reporting Project Italy (IRPI), a centre for investigative journalism based in Italy and member of the Global Investigative Journalism Network.

Chrisa Papadopoulou

Chrisa Papadopoulou is a lawyer, member of the Piraeus Bar Association since 2010. In the trial against Golden Dawn, she represented the family of Pavlos Fyssas, the Greek rap singer murdered by a Golden Dawn operative.

Christophe Deloire

Christophe Deloire is a French journalist who has been secretary-general and executive director of Reporters Without Borders (RSF) since 2012. He ran one of the leading French journalism schools, the CFJ, from 2008 to 2012, and was an investigative reporter for the politics and society sections of the French news magazine Le Point from 1998 to 2007.

Clive Stafford Smith

Clive Stafford Smith is the founder of Reprieve. After graduating from Columbia Law School in New York, Clive spent nine years as a lawyer with the Southern Center for Human Rights working on death penalty cases and other civil rights issues.

Cory Doctorow

Cory Doctorow is a science fiction author, activist and journalist. He is the author of many books, most recently Radicalized and Walkaway, science fiction for adults, In Real Life, a graphic novel; Information Doesn't Want To Be Free, a book about earning a living in the Internet age, and Homeland, a YA sequel to Little Brother.

Dan McCrum

Dan McCrum is a multi-award winning investigative journalist. His work for the Financial Times has helped expose accounting problems and fraud at several listed companies, most recently Wirecard. Formerly the Editor of FT Alphaville, over his 13 year career at the FT he’s also run part of the newspapers markets team, worked as the FT’s Investment Correspondent in New York and for the Lex Column.

David Rose

David Rose is a veteran investigative journalist who has written for publications including the Guardian, the Observer, the Sunday Times, the Mail on Sunday and Vanity Fair. His seven books include Violation: Justice, Race and Serial Murder in the Deep South, and Guantanamo: America’s War on Human Rights.

Delphine Halgand-Mishra

Delphine Halgand-Mishra is the Executive Director of The Signals Network. She previously served for six years as Reporters Without Borders’ North America Director, advocating for journalists, bloggers, and media rights worldwide.

Delphine Reuter

Delphine Reuter is ICIJ’s data journalist and researcher. She started collaborating with ICIJ on the LuxLeaks project in 2014. Prior to joining ICIJ's Data & Research Unit full time, she described her position as "brain for hire." She's no data witch, but somehow working for ICIJ has sparked a love for spreadsheets, everything that requires research, and cross-border investigations.

Denis Roio

Denis Roio, better known by his hacker nickname Jaromil, is CTO of the DECODE EU flagship project on blockchain technologies and data ownership, involving pilots in cooperation with the municipalities of Barcelona and Amsterdam.

Edward Snowden

Edward Snowden is a former intelligence officer who served the CIA, NSA, and DIA for nearly a decade as a subject matter expert on technology and cybersecurity. In 2013, he revealed the NSA was unconstitutionally seizing the private records of billions of individuals who had not been suspected of any wrongdoing, resulting in the largest debate about reforms to US surveillance policy since 1978.

Edwy Plenel

Edwy Plenel is a French political journalist. He has been a journalist since 1976 and is a former Editor in Chief of Le Monde. He is currently the President and Co-founder of Mediapart, an independent web-based investigative journal created in 2008.

Eloïse Bajou

Eloïse Bajou is a French journalist and photographer as well as a member of Reporters En Colère (REC), a journalist collective created in 2019 that aims to give tools to field reporters when they experience press freedom restrictions.

Eyal Weizman

Eyal Weizman is an architect, professor of spatial and visual cultures and director of the Centre for Research Architecture at Goldsmiths, University of London. In 2010 he set up the research agency Forensic Architecture (FA) and in 2007 he set up, with Sandi Hilal and Alessandro Petti, the architectural collective DAAR in Beit Sahour/Palestine.

Fabio Natali

Fabio Natali is a London-based information security advisor, software architect, and consultant. His interests lie at the intersection of technology, ethics, and politics. As an information security consultant, he has worked with and provided support to investigative journalists, activists, and human rights organisations, from the UK and abroad.

Friedrich Lindenberg

Friedrich Lindenberg leads the data team at OCCRP. He is responsible for the development of OCCRP Aleph and supports ongoing investigations where data analysis is needed. In 2014/2015, Friedrich was a Knight International journalism fellow with the International Center for Journalists, working with the African Network of Centers for Investigative Reporting (ANCIR), and in 2013 he was a Knight-Mozilla Open News fellow at Spiegel Online in Hamburg.

Georg Neumann

Georg Neumann heads communications at the Open Contracting Partnership. Previously, he led on digital and strategic communications at the Inter-American Development Bank and at Transparency International.

Hatice Cengiz

Hatice Cengiz is a Turkish academic and researcher in middle Eastern studies, and has published academic articles and a book on Gulf Countries. She is the partner of slain Washington Post editorialist Jamal Khashoggi, who was murdered inside the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul in 2018.

Ian Cobain

Ian Cobain was born in Liverpool in 1960. He has been a journalist since the early 1980s and was an investigative reporter with the Guardian. He is now a senior reporter for Middle East Eye. His inquiries into the UK’s involvement in torture since 9/11 have won a number of major awards, including the Martha Gellhorn Prize and the Paul Foot Award for investigative journalism.

Ioanna Meitani

Ioanna Meitani is a translator of German literature. She has worked as a programme coordinator of the Athens Office of the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation for seven years. She has been a member of the coordination team of the initiative for monitoring the trial of Golden Dawn, Golden Dawn Watch.

Ioannis Papadopoulos

Ioannis Papadopoulos is a feature writer and investigative reporter at the Greek newspaper Kathimerini. He has also worked as a feature writer at the newspaper TA NEA focusing on social issues and immigration.

Jacinta Gonzalez

Jacinta Gonzalez is a senior campaign organizer with Mijente and leads their #NoTechforICE campaign. Previously, she worked at PODER in México, organizing the Río Sonora River Basin committees against water contamination by the mining industry.  Jacinta was the lead organizer for the New Orleans Workers’ Center for Racial Justice Congress of Day Laborers (2007-2014).

Jack Poulson

Dr. Jack Poulson is the Executive Director of tech accountability nonprofit Tech Inquiry. He completed his PhD in Computational and Applied Mathematics at UT Austin in 2012 before serving as an Assistant Professor of Computational Science and Engineering at Georgia Tech then as an Assistant Professor of Mathematics as Stanford University.

James Harkin

James Harkin is the director of the Centre for Investigative Journalism. He is a journalist who covers social change and political conflict and whose work appears in Vanity Fair, Harper’s, GQ, The Smithsonian, Prospect and the Guardian.

Janina Findeisen

Janina Findeisen is an anthropologist, investigative journalist and researcher with a MA in Social and Cultural Anthropology (FU Berlin) and Comparative Studies of Religion and European Anthropology (HU Berlin).

Jason Leopold

Jason Leopold is an Emmy nominated investigative reporter on the BuzzFeed News investigations team and a member of the reporting team named a 2018 finalist for the Pulitzer Prize in international reporting.

Jennifer Robinson

Jennifer Robinson is an Australian human rights lawyer and barrister with Doughty Street Chambers in London. Before coming to the Bar, she founded the Bertha Justice Initiative and is Director of Legal Advocacy for the Bertha Foundation in London.

Jeremy B. Merrill

Jeremy B. Merrill is a data journalist whose work has appeared in ProPublica, The Markup, Quartz and The New York Times.

Jiayang Fan

Jiayang Fan became a staff writer at The New Yorker in 2016. Her reporting on China, American politics, and culture has appeared in the magazine since 2010. Her latest article is “How My Mother and I Became Chinese Propaganda.“

John Scott-Railton

John Scott-Railton is a Senior Researcher at Citizen Lab (at The University of Toronto). His work focuses on technological threats to civil society, including targeted malware operations, cyber militias, and online disinformation.

Katherine Eban

Katherine Eban, an award-winning New York-based investigative journalist, reports on public health and pharmaceuticals for Vanity Fair and is the author of the New York Times bestseller Bottle of Lies: the Inside Story of the Generic Drug Boom.

Kevin B. Lee

Kevin B. Lee is a filmmaker, media artist, and critic. He has produced over 360 video essays exploring film and media. His award-winning Transformers: The Premake introduced the “desktop documentary” format, was named one of the best documentaries of 2014 by Sight & Sound and screened in many festivals including Berlin Critics Week, Rotterdam International Film Festival and Viennale International Film Festival.

Lieke Ploeger

Lieke Ploeger is the community director of the Disruption Network Lab in Berlin. Her core interest lies in building and developing both online and offline communities of interest, with a focus on sharing knowledge and expertise in an open way.

Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai

Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai is a senior staff writer at Motherboard, where he covers hacking, information security, surveillance, and privacy.

Martin Williams

Martin Williams is the investigations editor at openDemocracy. Previously he was Specialist Producer at Channel 4 News. Martin is the author of Parliament Ltd.

Micah Lee

Micah Lee is The Intercept/First Look Media’s director of information security. He is a computer security engineer and an open-source software developer who writes about technical topics like digital and operational security, encryption tools, whistleblowing, and hacking using language that everyone can understand without dumbing it down.

Nabiha Syed

Nabiha Syed is the President of The Markup, a new investigative journalism startup that explores how powerful actors use technology to reshape society. Previously, she was Vice President and Associate General Counsel at BuzzFeed.

Naoise Boyle

Naoise Boyle is a designer and researcher based in London. His work exists at the intersection of critical design studies, STS and spatial politics, examining systems of power manifested through technology and new forms of social relations.

Natalie Sedletska

Natalie Sedletska is a Ukrainian investigative television journalist and editor who works in the anticorruption field. At present, Natalie works as the chief editor and host of the investigative programme Schemes – a television project that she founded in 2014 with the support of the Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty.

Nicholson Baker

Nicholson Baker is the author of eighteen books, among them The Mezzanine, Human Smoke, The Anthologist, and Substitute. He’s written for The New Yorker, Harper’s, and The New York Review of Books.

Nikolas Leontopoulos

Nikolas Leontopoulos is a Greek journalist based in Athens. He is the co-founder of Reporters United, a new centre for investigative journalism and a network of reporters in Greece. Nikolas worked for ten years for the Athens daily Eleftherotypia.

Paul O’Connor

Paul O'Connor is the manager at the Pat Finucane Centre in Derry, north of Ireland. The Centre has offices in Derry, Belfast and Armagh and also has a base in Dublin through its project Justice for the Forgotten and provides advocacy support to families bereaved through the political conflict on the island of Ireland.

Philip Di Salvo

Philip Di Salvo is a lecturer and a post-doctoral researcher at the Institute of Media and Journalism at the Università della Svizzera Italiana, Switzerland. He researches whistleblowing, leaks, and the relationships between journalism and hacking.

Rebecca Lee

Rebecca Lee is the Chief Impact Officer at OpenCorporates, the largest open database of companies in the world. OpenCorporates’ core mission is to promote global corporate transparency by making the world’s company data open to all, shining a light on the existence, ownership and activities of entities, and the people connected with them – particularly to tackle the use of companies for corruption, money laundering and other anti-social purposes.

Rebecca Vincent

Rebecca Vincent is the Director of International Campaigns for Reporters Without Borders, known internationally as Reporters sans frontières (RSF), which works to promote and defend press freedom around the world.

Richard Logan

Richard Logan is President of the Reva & David Logan Foundation, a Chicago-based family foundation that provides strategic grants to support social justice, the arts and investigative journalism both in Chicago and around the world.

Runa Sandvik

Runa Sandvik works on digital security for journalists and other high-risk people. Her work builds upon experience from her time at The New York Times, Freedom of the Press Foundation, and The Tor Project.

Sasha Joelle Achilli

Sasha Joelle Achilli is an Italian/Australian Emmy, BAFTA and DuPont award-winning documentary filmmaker specialising in international current affairs. Sasha has spent her career getting at the heart of difficult stories in some of the most remote parts of Africa and the Middle East.

Siarhei Satsuk

Siarhei Satsuk is Editor of the online newspaper Yezhednevnik and is well known for his investigative reporting on Belarus’ healthcare system. For the last three years Satsuk has focused on uncovering corruption inside the Ministry of Health in Belarus.

Stefanos Levidis

Stefanos Levidis is a researcher at Forensic Architecture, where he participated in the investigation into the murder of Pavols Fyssas by the Golden Dawn. He is also a PhD candidate at the Centre for Research Architecture, Goldsmiths University.

Stella Moris

Stella Moris is a South Africa-born human rights lawyer. Stella is the fiancée of Julian Assange and mother of his two children. She is fighting against Julian’s extradition from the United Kingdom to the United States.

Steve Day

Steve Day is OpenOwnership’s technical lead. He is responsible for the practical side of their technology and technical advice to partners, as well as making sure that they are an integral part of the wider digital government and civic-technology community.

Tam Hussein

Tam Hussein is an award winning investigative journalist and writer. His work has been recognised by the Royal Television Society Awards. Tam has spent several years in the MENA region travelling, studying, and working.

Tatiana Bazzichelli

Tatiana Bazzichelli is founder and programme director at Disruption Network Lab, an organisation in Berlin examining the intersection of politics, technology, and society, and exposing the misconduct and wrongdoing of the powerful (

Tim Maughan

Tim Maughan is an author and journalist using both fiction and non-fiction to explore issues around cities, class, culture, technology, and the future. His work regularly appears on the BBC, New Scientist, and Vice/Motherboard.

Trevor Timm

Trevor Timm is a co-founder and the executive director of the Freedom of the Press Foundation. He is a journalist, activist, and legal analyst whose writing has appeared in The New York Times, the Guardian, USA Today, The Atlantic, Al Jazeera, Foreign Policy, Harvard Law and Policy Review, and Politico.

Tyler Shultz

Tyler Shultz is a startup founder fostering innovation in healthcare. He graduated from Stanford with a Biology degree and entered the national scene when he blew the whistle at Theranos. Tyler complained to the public health regulators in New York and was a source for a series of Wall Street Journal articles exposing Theranos’ dubious blood-testing practices.

William Bourdon

William Bourdon is an International Human Rights lawyer who represents prominent whistleblowers. He’s now leading the defense team for Rui Pinto, the man behind the Football Leaks revelations.