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GeoJournalism: Detecting Oil and Gas Concessions in Protected Areas. Hands-on. B.

Overlaps between natural resource exploitation and exploration licenses and protected area can be a great starter for diving into an environmental investigation! But just why and how could you apply this process in a systemic manner when it comes to global extractive giants?

With their #PerencoSystem global investigative series, EIF partnered up with regional media InfoAmazonia and InfoCongo to track down and investigate the discreet – but globally criticized – French-British oil and gas giant Perenco. The results of their research fed a 3-part global investigation published in the EU, Latin America, North and West Africa.

During this hands-on training session, you will learn to cross-reference two sets of geodata: specifically, how to process an image in QGIS and then compare it with environmental data layers, based on the ‘Perenco System’ investigation. These methods and skills can then be used for investigations in different areas of interest.

This session is suitable for beginners.

This session is supported by JournalismFund Europe.

Technical Requirements

Laptops required.
Please pre-install QGIS (preferably, version QGis 3.26).

Download QGIS for free here:

Minimum hardware requirements:

Processor – CPU. Core i3 2.7 Ghz. Core i7 3.5 Ghz.
Memory RAM. 2 Gb. 8 Gb or More.
Hard Disk. 500 Gb SATA. SSD de 128 Gb or 500 Gb.
Graphic Card. 1 Gb RAM. 2 Gb RAM (NVIDIA GeForce)

It works especially well on older PCs.

3 July 2024 – GeoJournalism: Detecting Oil and Gas Concessions in Protected Areas. Hands-on. B.


Alexandre Brutelle

Alexandre Brutelle is the director and co-founder of the Environmental Investigative Forum (EIF), a global consortium of environmental investigative journalists. He is a senior journalist with 10 years of experience as a freelancer (Mediapart, Inkyfada, Daraj) and 7 years as an investigative project coordinator, trainer and mentor for a large range of organizations including IMS, […]

Juliana Mori

Juliana Mori is an award-winning journalist from Brazil, specialized in audiovisual productions and visualization of geospatial data. Co-founder and editorial director of InfoAmazonia, an independent media outlet that uses maps, data, and geolocalized reports to tell social environmental stories about the tropical forest over the nine Amazon countries.
  • 3 July 2024 11.40–12.40
Location: PSH 326