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New speakers: Nadine White and Emma Youle

HuffPostUK news reporter Nadine White and special correspondent Emma Youle will give a talk on “SPAC Nation Exposé: An Exploited Congregation.”

Emma Youle

Emma Youle is an award-winning investigative journalist who worked for regional newspapers before joining HuffPost UK as special correspondent. She has covered stories including the contaminated blood scandal, the housing crisis, historic child abuse, and won the Private Eye Paul Foot Award 2017 for her reporting exposing squalid conditions inside homeless hostels.

Nadine White

Nadine White is an award-winning news reporter at HuffPost UK where she specialises in race and social affairs. Her work has had real impact and brought in stories that would otherwise not have been read by a mass audience, placing perspectives from BAME communities at the forefront of the national news agenda.
Published: 12 May 2020
6 July 2020

SPAC Nation Exposé: An Exploited Congregation.

A hugely successful church, lauded by politicians for its work on knife crime, was used as cover by some pastors within its ranks for financial fraud leaving many vulnerable followers in serious debt. Nadine White and Emma Youle pursued this story in what was Nadine's first major investigation with HuffPost UK while completing the CIJ's Investigative Journalism Masterclass series last year.