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Stéphanie Gibaud

Stéphanie Gibaud is a public relations expert, event marketing specialist and whistleblower. In 2008, while working for the Marketing department of UBS, her employer asked her to shred documents while an investigation by the French government was taking place. Risking jail, she blew the whistle internally and was accused of defamation by her employer: her documents have widely helped to identify 38.000 offshore bank accounts amounting to €12 billion. Her books include The Woman Who Knew Far Too Much, and The Hunt to Break Down Whistleblowers.

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What’s The Best Way To Protect Whistleblowers?

A thicket of legislation in the UK and US aims to frustrate whistleblowers, and the digital era throws up whole new threats to their interests. What is the best way to protect whistleblowers, both before they make the decision to speak to a journalist and once the story is published?