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Siarhei Satsuk

Siarhei Satsuk is Editor of the online newspaper Yezhednevnik and is well known for his investigative reporting on Belarus’ healthcare system. For the last three years Satsuk has focused on uncovering corruption inside the Ministry of Health in Belarus. On March 25 2020, officers of the State Control Committee, which oversees the country’s financial investigations, detained Satsuk for his reporting. He faced up to ten years in prison for an editorial casting doubt on the official Covid-19 statistics and criticising an order issued by President Alexander Lukashenko to “deal with” media outlets that are “sowing panic” about the epidemic. Most recently he has published a series of investigations exposing a huge level of corruption in the state procurement of drugs and medical devices. The investigations lead to some high level officials in the law enforcement agencies and even to [the President] Lukashenko’s eldest son.

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Locking down Debate?

Have the convulsions of Covid-19 opened to the door to a creeping censoriousness, surveillance and authoritarianism? Are big tech companies shutting down debate and stoking conspiracy theories by excluding controversial voices, and is the technology for coronavirus surveillance and the social measures to combat it as useful as it seems?
Editor at Yezhednevnik