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Renzo Martens

Renzo Martens is a Dutch artist and filmmaker and currently serves as director of the Institute for Human Activities. In his first film, Episode 1, Renzo travels to Chechnya to adopt a rarely defined role in contemporary war: that of its spectator. Episode 3, also known as Enjoy Poverty, is a meditation on the political claims of contemporary art and the result of Renzo’s two-year journey in the Congo. In 2013 the artist attended the Yale World Fellow Program and he is currently working on a PhD in the arts at the School of Arts in Ghent.

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Aesthetic Journalism

From art to architecture, investigative journalism is increasingly borrowing from other disciplines and sources of professional expertise for its presentation and, sometimes, its research. Aesthetic journalism opens up fruitful new avenues for investigation and storytelling, but what are the issues that it raises?