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Gavin Millar KC

Gavin Millar KC is a specialist barrister in all areas of media law. He often represents media outlets, journalists and politicians in both civil and criminal proceedings. He represented the Telegraph Media Group at the Leveson Inquiry and in 2013 advised the Guardian on its coverage of Edward Snowden’s disclosures. He represented the Sun newspaper in the “plebgate” libel trial and the “PJS” celebrity injunction litigation, and the BBC in the Cliff Richard privacy trial. More recently he has represented Carole Cadwalladr in libel proceedings brought by Arron Banks. He has successfully advanced a public interest speech defence in four high profile High Court libel trials. He regularly gives pre-publication advice to journalists and news outlets on legal and regulatory issues and often defends the rights of journalists to protect confidential journalistic sources. In 2022 he represented Chris Mullin, successfully resisting an attempt by West Midlands Police to identify a source in his 1980s investigations into the Birmingham Six miscarriage of justice.

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Josie Stewart: Whistleblowing and the British State

In the wake of the chaos surrounding the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan, Josie Stewart, then a senior official at the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office, became concerned that the truth was not being told by the government and talked to a journalist.
Barrister at Matrix Chambers