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Dame Frances Cairncross

Dame Frances Cairncross, formerly a senior editor at The Economist and an economics columnist at the Guardian, is author of The Cairncross Review: A Sustainable Future for Journalism.

She is a British economist, journalist and academic. She is a Senior Fellow at the School of Public Policy, UCLA. She chairs the Executive Committee of the Institute for Fiscal Studies. From 2004 to 2014, she was the Rector of Exeter College, Oxford.

Talks and Screenings

Dame Frances Cairncross: Can government rescue journalism?

In February 2019, The Cairncross Review published its long-awaited recommendations to protect high-quality, public interest news: tax relief to support local news and investigative journalism, a new Institute for Public Interest News overseeing an innovation fund, fresh obligations on Google and Facebook to promote trust in the information they disseminate.