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Pilot in Nepal

1 April – 31 August 2022

As a pilot programme under OCRI, the CIJ is partnered with the Center for Data Journalism Nepal (CDJN) to teach OSINT and deep data dive tools and techniques to Nepali journalists in order to produce investigative pieces (in web-based multimedia formats) on the environment and climate change.

From May 16 to 19, journalists participated in a residential workshop in Nepal. Following the training workshop and towards the end of the programme, we organised a session for attendees to pitch their story ideas. Based on the strength of the pitches, the best refined pitches were selected and commissioned to be realised as investigative stories over the next few weeks, with the guidance of subject matter experts and mentors/editors.


Published: 30 Apr 2024

Climate Investigations Course to be delivered in four regions for OCRI Year Three

Following a successful pilot in Nepal and six regions covered in Year 1 and 2, the Open Climate Reporting Initiative (OCRI) will in its next run cover four regions namely Latin America, Anglophone Africa, Francophone Africa, and South Asia till September 2025.
Published: 05 Apr 2024

What reporting climate change really means: Reflections from the Open Climate Reporting Initiative after two years, six regions and 53 countries

 From April 2022 after months of scoping and ground work, the Open Climate Reporting Initiative (OCRI) of the Centre for Investigative Journalism, London (CIJ) took off with a pilot programme in Nepal.
Published: 18 Dec 2023

2023 OCRI Highlights: Facilitating Real World Actions!

2023 has been a rollercoaster year for the Open Climate Reporting Initiative (OCRI) at the CIJ! We built on a successful Year One (April 2022 – March 2023) and moved into 3 new regions for Year Two that runs till March 2024.
Published: 31 Mar 2023

OCRI Year two kicks off as impactful Year one ends

The last twelve months of implementing the Open Climate Reporting Initiative (OCRI) of the Centre for Investigative Journalism (CIJ) has been an impactful one and has provided the springboard to achieve more as we go into working in three new regions of the world namely Brazil & Lusophone Africa, South Asia and the Middle East & North Africa (MENA).
Published: 16 Feb 2023

Adeolu Adekola speaks to BBC World Service on OCRI and Nigerian elections

CIJ OCRI Project Manager Adeolu Adekola took part in the BBC World Service Weekend programme on 5 February, discussing among other things the CIJ OCRI Programme and elections in Nigeria. You can hear the discussions below.
Published: 22 Dec 2022

Published OCRI supported story draws attention of Nepali authorities

After weeks of field work following the training received in May, the first story supported by OCRI was published in September. The story which was on the Urban Flooding in Kathmandu Valley served as a warning following the devastating effect the Pakistani flood has had, with nearly a third of nearby Pakistan submerged.
Published: 26 Apr 2022

Nepal: Applications open for climate investigations using OSINT and data workshop

Applications are now open for Nepali journalists interested in honing their skills for climate investigations using open source intelligence and data. The Centre for Investigative Journalism under it's Open Climate Reporting Initiative is delighted to announce this opportunity in partnership with the Center for Data Journalism Nepal (CDJN).