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Francophone Africa – List of Beneficiary Media Organisations

Working with ADISI-Cameroun, we engaged five media organisations in Cameroon and Gabon.


Mutations Newspaper

One of Cameroon’s most popular and nationally
circulated newspapers that the South Media
Corporation group publishes. Mutations was
launched in Yaoundé in 1996.


DBS TV is a private Cameroonian television
channel headquartered in Douala that started
broadcasting in 2009 and is owned by the Baba
Amadou Danpullo Group. Although generalist, it
proposes to build a new African consciousness
by educating and informing its audience.

Kalak FM

A generalist radio broadcasting since 2011
covering the whole central region and its
surroundings. Among the most listened to in
Yaoundé, Kalak FM is owned by the Africa News
Network Multimedia group.


Echos du Nord

Founded by Désiré Ename, this newspaper is
among the widely known print newspapers in
Gabon that cover the country. The newspaper is
considered among the most serious due to its
consistency in speaking truth to power and
holding the government accountable.

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