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The Centre for Investigative Journalism

Summer Conference Events

29 June 2023

Source Protection Programme: Phishing 101

Phishing is a digital attempt by a bad actor (e.g. hackers, data-mining companies) to persuade you to reveal your personal information (e.g. passwords, credit card numbers) often received via email or text message.

28 June 2023

Web Basics: How the Web Works and How to Scrape It. Hands-on. [B]

Hands-on. Beginner. Have you ever wondered how exactly your stories reach your readers? Ever wanted to know how to build a simple webpage? Or how to scrape information from a website onto your computer?

28 June 2023

Data Journalism: Scraping 1-2. Hands-on. [B+I]

Hands-on. Beginner-Intermediate. Scraping 1 You may have heard of scraping, you may even have done a little yourself. These two sessions set out to demystify the process of getting data from websites where there is no download or export button, and copying and pasting is getting you nowhere.

29 June 2023

Data Journalism: Investigating Data with R 1-3. Hands-on. [B+I]

Hands-on. Beginner-Intermediate. Sooner or later you know you’ll come up against a dataset so big it’s going to crash Excel if you even try to open it. Maybe your questions are becoming too complex for Excel’s built-in analytics tools to handle.

28 June 2023

Data Journalism: Spreadsheets 1-3. Hands-on. [B+I]

Hands-on. Beginner-Intermediate. This three-part hands-on express data journalism course will introduce you to the basics of data analysis in Google Sheets. Suitable for beginners (part I) and intermediates (parts II and III).

30 June 2022

Geojournalism: How to Use Satellite Imagery to Verify Information and Uncover New Stories

This presentation takes journalists and analysts through the basics of satellite imagery, geographical data, and using imagery in storytelling to verify information and make new findings.

29 June 2022

Data Journalism – Google Sheets – Hands-On

This three-part hands-on express data journalism course will introduce you to the basics of data analysis in Google Sheets. Suitable for beginners.

30 June 2022

Finding Stories with Data – Hands-On

You may already know something about data journalism, but are unsure how to start an actual story. In these sessions we will delve into some real data, looking for a real story, starting with an idea, downloading the data, cleaning it, exploring it, and finding the leads to stories in it –using the methods you would need in a data-led enquiry, and in the order you would use them.

8 July 2021

Financial OSINT. Deep Diving.

Open-Source Intelligence (frequently referred to as OSINT) has become crucial to many investigators’ ability to cross-examine allegations and reports of serious financial crimes. This practical course will take you through real-life cases to teach you the core techniques to conduct deep-dive investigations to uncover opaque global company structures used to facilitate money laundering, corruption, bribery, […]

6 July 2021

Understanding Company Accounts

A two-part session aimed at those who want to understand how to dig into financial statements and identify relevant information for investigations.