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Web Basics: How the Web Works and How to Scrape It. Hands-on. [B]

Hands-on. Beginner.

Have you ever wondered how exactly your stories reach your readers? Ever wanted to know how to build a simple webpage? Or how to scrape information from a website onto your computer? In this session we will cover the basics: the principles of how web pages get onto your screen, and then go hands-on learning the basics of the two key web technologies: HTML and CSS. These could be your first steps to learn to build web pages, but we’ll also cover how what you’ve learnt can be used to start web scraping.

No prior knowledge required.

Technical Requirements

Please bring your laptop. You will need Google Chrome installed.

Max Harlow

Max Harlow works on the visual and data journalism team at the Financial Times, focusing on investigations. He also runs Journocoders, a group for journalists to develop technical skills for use in their reporting.
  • 28 June 2023 14.00–15.00
Location: PSH 326
All levels