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SQL: an Introduction. Hands-on. Intermediate.

Take the next step after dealing with spreadsheets, and learn how to handle large datasets with SQL. Using SQL makes it possible to handle large amounts of data, to safely share data with others, and most important, to combine tables together by joining. In this session you will understand how relational databases work, especially how to join tables to find data that exists in both tables or use joining to add information into a table. By attending this session the participants will be able to understand when to take the step from Excel to databases and SQL, and how to use SQL to join datasets together in order to find new information. To attend this session the participants should have basic knowledge of working with spreadsheets.

See technical requirements.

Technical Requirements

Participants will have to bring their own laptops and download DB Browser SQLite before the session. It can be downloaded from for PCs and Macs.

Helena Bengtsson

Helena Bengtsson is Data Journalism Editor at Gota Media, a regional publishing company in the south of Sweden with 13 local titles. She previously worked as Editor for Data Journalism at Sveriges Television, Sweden’s national television broadcaster for 27 years and she also served as Editor, Data Projects of the Guardian UK, between 2014-2017.
  • 28 June 2023