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Open-Source: Finding Russia’s Filtration Camps

After the mayor of Mariupol warned that tens of thousands of people from the city were being interrogated in Russian filtration camps and forced across the border, the i newspaper’s award-winning investigations correspondent Dean Kirby set out to try to find them. But how do you investigate human rights abuses behind the frontlines of a war?

Dean will show how he became the first reporter to confirm the camps’ existence and went on to identify a network of 66 more sites stretching 6,000 miles to Vladivostok as he exposed a brutal system that led to an estimated two million Ukrainians being forcibly taken to Russia.


Satellite images show Russian tent camp for Ukrainians near Mariupol as claims of forced deportations grow

Mariupol mayor says 30,000 people deported to Russia as satellite images reveal Russian camp for Ukrainians

Vladimir Putin is resettling Ukrainians to Siberia and the Far East, Kremlin document shows

Mariupol survivors interrogated in Russian filtration camps as many face little chance of returning to Ukraine

Russia war crimes investigators reveal ‘numerous and consistent’ reports of forced Ukrainian deportations

Mariupol survivors taken to former Russian chemical weapons base 600 miles from Ukraine border

How a fenced camp for Ukrainians was tracked down to a former chemical weapons dump deep within Russia

Putin sends Mariupol survivors to remote corners of Russia as investigation reveals network of 66 camps

Russian civilians form ‘underground railroad’ to help Ukrainians transported to Russia escape to the West

‘Putin has killed more in Mariupol than Hitler did’, says mayor as bodies risk poisoning city’s water

Thousands of Mariupol survivors being detained in Russia-controlled prisons in occupied Ukraine

Threatened with death, and a riot over inhumane conditions: Inside Russia’s filtration camps for Ukrainians

Russia committed war crime by forcibly herding Ukrainians over Russian border, human rights body finds

Dean Kirby

Dean Kirby is the award-winning Investigations Correspondent of the i newspaper in London. His recent awards include the Medical Journalists’ Association News Story of the Year for an investigation into Britain's PPE supply chain chaos during the Covid pandemic.
  • 28 June 2023 15.10–16.10
Location: MRB 05 Lecture Theatre. Media Research Building.
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