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Getting Green Scoops Using Environmental Law

Learn how to leverage the law to obtain ‘green’ information from government departments, regulators and even some private companies.

The Environmental Information Regulations (EIRs) – the ‘Sister Act’ of FOIA legislation – is a simple and powerful tool that allows access to public-interest information about the environment.

This session will teach reporters how to make requests and explain some basic principles for success, such as embracing your inner nerd. We will then walk through three recent openDemocracy case studies, which were also reported in The Guardian, The Times, and by Sky News.

This is a UK-focused session but, because the EIRs law is derived from the EU, some of the learning also applies to European country contexts.

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Using the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) 1-2. Jenna Corderoy. Thu 29 June. 10:10 – 12:30

Lucas Amin

Lucas Amin is a reporter on openDemocracy’s investigations team. He has used information law for more than a decade and co-authored CIJ handbooks on Freedom of Information and EIRs. He was part of the team — led by longtime friend Jenna Corderoy — whose work on FOIA won a British Journalism Award 2022 and also […]
  • 29 June 2023 14.30–15.30
Location: MRB 05 Lecture Theatre. Media Research Building.
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Freedom of Information

EIRs without the Lawyer

by Lucas Amin and Brendan Montague

Human beings depend on the environment for their survival. Industrialisation and development, for all their benefits, have led to the neglect, damage and destruction of the environment all over the world.

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FOIA without the Lawyer

by Brendan Montague and Lucas Amin

The Freedom of Information Act is an excellent journalistic tool that offers access to information held by more than 100,000 public bodies in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. In FOIA without the Lawyer, the authors share the methodology they have developed while running The Request Initiative and making requests on behalf of charities, NGOs and campaigning groups.

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