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Copy, Lie, Smear. Emilia Șercan on uncovering high-level plagiarism and dealing with the consequences

This is a real first for #CIJSummer: investigating plagiarism!

Romanian investigative journalist Emilia Șercan has won a niche reputation for uncovering plagiarism in the putative PhD theses of her country’s leading politicians. At the CIJ she talks about how to do it, and how to deal with the backlash; in her case, an organised, state-level campaign of intimidation and harassment.

Emilia Șercan

Emilia Șercan is a Romanian investigative journalist, author and senior lecturer at the Faculty of Journalism and Communication Science within the University of Bucharest. She has spent the last seven years uncovering dozens of plagiarism cases in doctoral dissertations of top Romanian politicians and high officials in the judiciary, law enforcement, military and intelligence community.
Published: 04 May 2022