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Tristan Kirk

Tristan Kirk has been a dedicated court reporter for more than a decade and the Evening Standard’s courts correspondent since 2016. He reports each day on the high-profile, important, and unusual cases coming out of London’s criminal and civil courts, as well as chronicling parts of the justice system that exist under a veil of secrecy. He recently won the Paul Foot award for an investigation into the harsh treatment of vulnerable people in the Single Justice Procedure.

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Lifting the Lid of the Single Justice Procedure [R]

Tristan Kirk has spent the last six years digging into the Single Justice Procedure, a secretive court process where hundreds of thousands of people are convicted each year in private hearings. The process was invented to cut costs and fast-track justice, but with few safeguards on the quality of the justice administered or the transparency of decision-making.
Courts Correspondent at The Evening Standard