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Shiv Malik

Shiv Malik is a former investigative journalist who, along with reporting from Afghanistan and Pakistan, worked for the Guardian for five years breaking exclusive front page stories on everything from UK government social policy to international terrorism. He’s the author of two books including the 2010 cult book, Jilted Generation, and is a co-founder of the think-tank, the Intergenerational Foundation. He’s now a full-time contributor to the crypto-technology project Streamr, where he evangelises about digital ethics and a new data economy. His latest book, The Messenger, is an intrepid personal tale about a relationship with a terrorist and is published by Faber.


Summer Conference Event
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Shiv Malik in conversation with Jane Bradley: Let’s Talk About Sources

Sources play a vital role in alerting journalists to wrong-doing, but how should investigative journalists go about cultivating them? And how should you work with them once you’ve got your story? How can journalists protect their sources?