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Paul-Joël Kamtchang is a Cameroonian data journalist, data hunter, and datactivist. He is the Executive Secretary of ADISI-Cameroon, a civil society organisation based in the Cameroonian economic capital Douala, working on issues of access to information, open data, data journalism, freedom of expression and digital rights. He is a former a Reagan-Fascell Fellowship Fellow and is working on a book project about “Kleptocracy and Open Data in Central Africa”.

OCRI Event

Investigating mangroves’ destruction in Cameroon

OCRI's partner in Cameroon, Adisi-Cameroon, is holding from July 18 to 20, its first training to empower journalists selected from three major cities, Douala, Kribi and Buea, in producing investigations on the phenomenon of mangrove disappearance and to help civil society to advocate for saving what remains.
Executive Secretary at ADISI-Cameroon