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Ignacio Acosta

Ignacio Acosta is an artist and researcher working with photography and video in territories under pressure from extractive industries. He works in places made vulnerable through the exploitation of ecologies by colonial intervention and intensive capitalisation. He is devoted to the understanding of sites and landscapes that, although often neglected, are of global significance. Through thorough, investigative and ethical practices, his methodology is akin to a forensic investigator in his desire to uncover and expose highly ambivalent power dynamics.

Image by Liz-Mari Nilsen

Regional Conference Event
 — Talk

Copper Geographies: Ignacio Acosta

In this talk, Ignacio will talk about his project 'Copper Geographies' and how he explores the global flow of mined copper. He will describe how he presents this series of fieldwork explorations of geographically disparate landscapes historically connected by copper.