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Pilot in Nepal

1 April – 31 August 2022

Basanta Raj Adhikari

Basanta Raj Adhikari holds a Ph.D. degree in Earth Sciences from the University of Vienna, Austria. His main research interest are disaster risk reduction and management, Climate change and hill slope dynamics, tectonic geomorphology, landslide, floods, and Earthquakes in the mountain.

Deepak Adhikari

Deepak Adhikari is a freelance journalist based in Kathmandu, Nepal. His work has appeared in his native Nepal and in international outlets, including New York Times, Time magazine, Al Jazeera English, The Guardian.

Henk van Ess

Henk Van Ess is an assessor of Poynter’s International Fact-Checking Network and a member of Bellingcat. He is obsessed with finding stories in (big) data. His specialisations include social media and data journalism.

Kamala Oli Shivakoti

Kamala Oli Shivakoti is a Board Member at the President Chure Terai Madhesh Conservation Development Board.

Kiran Nepal

Kiran Nepal is the Editor of the Centre for Investigative Journalism Nepal (CIJ-Nepal) since 2021. Prior to joining CIJ-Nepal, Nepal was the editor of Himal Khabar Patrika

Kunda Dixit

A journalist and editor, Kunda Dixit teaches Media Studies at Kathmandu University, and as visiting faculty at New York University Abu Dhabi Campus. He is the co-publisher at Himalmedia which produces the weekly Nepali language magazine Himal Khabarpatrika, and chief editor of the English-language weekly newspaper Nepali Times.

Rabin Raj Niraula

Rabin Raj Niraula holds a in PhD, Water Governance and Climate Change Vulnerability from Kathmandu University. He has published research in water management, water governance, climatic suitability, vulnerability and adaptation, spatial modeling, forest mapping, landuse and landcover change.

Shiva Gaunle

Shiva Gaunle led the collaborative #NepaLeaks investigation in 2019 and he is the editor of the Center for Investigative Journalism (CIJ) Nepal. He is a well recognized senior investigative journalist in Nepal who has been exposing stories related to corruption, irregularities, and wrongdoings for more than 25 years, including investigations that exposed bribery in the judiciary of Nepal.

Sudip Pradhan

A GIS/Remote Sensing Specialist, Sudip Pradhan the Programme Coordinator, Regional Database System, Mountain Environment Regional Information System (MENRIS) at the International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD).

Ugan Manandhar

Working on Rural renewable energy, International Climate Policy, Carbon Financing, Climate Change Adaptation, Fresh Water and Sustainable Hydropwer Issues, Environment Flows, SDGs, IRWM, Water Resources Management, REDD+, Green Economy; Ugan Manandhar is the Climate and Environment Advisor at Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO), British Embassy, Nepal.