The Centre for Investigative Journalism
The Centre for Investigative Journalism


14–15 November 2024

The Centre for Investigative Journalism present Source! the 10 year anniversary edition of the CIJ Logan Symposium.

Investigative journalism is in flux. Journalists need sources, but in the digital age those sources make contact in different ways, and sometimes don’t want to talk to journalists at all. What’s the best way to protect sources when reporting is often done remotely, when our sources are under threat and when keeping our sources safe can sometimes be a matter of life and death? Should we trust technology to keep us safe, or stay close to traditional journalist tradecraft and trust only our wits?

Led by investigative journalists, the newest edition of the biennial CIJ Logan Symposium, Source! brings together some of the most courageous and innovative new investigative reporters and outlets in the world to forge alliances against official censorship, surveillance and deceit – and to talk candidly about the landscape for the profession and its future prospects.

This time the CIJ partners with Freedom of the Press Foundation in New York, Disclose in Paris, Reporters United in Athens, The Public Source in Beirut and Declassified in London to bring you talks and presentations that tackle the most pressing issues facing us all – how best to protect sources and whistleblowers, to deal with government harassment and gagging orders and to make the most of exciting new investigative tools and methods.

14, 15 November 2024

Booking for the event will go live later in the summer.

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