The Centre for Investigative Journalism
The Centre for Investigative Journalism

3rd CIJ Logan Symposium


19–20 October 2018

The Intercept

The Centre for Investigative Journalism and The Intercept today announce a media partnership to present the 3rd biannual Logan Symposium: Conspiracy. Held at Goldsmiths, University of London on 19 – 20 October, the symposium brings together two days of conversations and investigations as well as documentary film screenings and a brand new exhibition of contemporary art.

From alleged Russian election meddling and Macedonian fake news factories, to contested chemical weapons attacks in Syria and the Yemen crisis: faced with conspiracies on all sides and a thick new fog of electronic propaganda, a unique global network of investigators and doers tries to steer a more enlightened path through the confusion and contradiction of our times.

The Centre for Investigative Journalism is a think-tank, alternative university and an experimental laboratory set up to train a new generation of reporters in the tools of investigative, in-depth, and longform journalism across all media. Registered as a charity, we robustly defend investigative journalists and those who work with them.

After NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden came forward with revelations of mass surveillance in 2013, journalists Glenn Greenwald, Laura Poitras, and Jeremy Scahill decided to found a new media organisation dedicated to the kind of reporting those disclosures required: fearless, adversarial journalism. They called it The Intercept.

Today, The Intercept is an award-winning news organisation that covers national security, politics, civil liberties, the environment, international affairs, technology, criminal justice, the media, and more. The Intercept gives its journalists the editorial freedom and legal support they need to pursue investigations that expose corruption and injustice wherever they find it and hold the powerful accountable.