The Centre for Investigative Journalism
The Centre for Investigative Journalism

2nd CIJ Logan Symposium

Challenge Power

11–12 March 2016


The 2nd CIJ Logan Symposium brought together a unique and powerful coalition of individuals with a single goal – the defence of freedom and democracy.

Over the years, facts like those revealed by WikiLeaks and Edward Snowden have made clear that we are all vulnerable. Our human rights are at risk.

For journalists, the disclosures impacted what we do and, importantly, how we do it. Remarkably, we also discovered allies we didn’t know we had.

Journalists offer “white hat” hackers a social and political context, and are specialists in the presentation and interpretation of facts for a broader audience. Hackers, experts in exposing and protecting critical evidence-based material, bring formidable skills and access to information in our increasingly data-driven society.

When joined by artists, whistleblowers, legal and security experts, these communities offer each other and the general public the basis for a highly charged and informed debate. The Logan CIJ Symposium aimed to strengthen these alliances and inspire people to challenge power. The Logan CIJ Symposium highlighted the importance of high quality investigative journalism. It stands for the commitment to a world free of authoritarian invasions of privacy that creates fear and threatens free association.

We invited leading international experts: outstanding speakers shared stories about the latest technologies, legal issues, and corporate practices which affect personal and press freedom. Discussing methods and grounds for collaboration all over the world. If you missed any of the sessions of were unable to attend the event, you can view the video recordings – what our presenters shared may surprise you.

If you care about the future of individual freedom and democracy – keep in touch and join us at the next Logan CIJ Symposium (details of the next Symposium will be announced soon).