Inside Intel

16 – 20 October 2018
St James Hatcham
Goldsmiths, University of London


The Centre for Investigative Journalism (CIJ) presents Inside Intel: an exhibition of contemporary artworks, design objects and digital assets brought together to investigate the confusion sewn by an increasingly partisan media, sinister new technologies and the culture of official secrecy and widespread surveillance.

Designed as an experimental Silicon Valley “imagineering lab” situated within Goldsmiths, University of London, the exhibition forms an aesthetic response to the 2018 CIJ Logan Symposium: Conspiracy. Featuring practitioners from the fields of journalism, art, design and architecture, this group show features faux state propaganda, factual misinformation among genuine investigations to explore the signals and the noise. 


Featuring works by:

Benjamin Grosser
Bob Bicknell-Knight
Céline Minkyung Park
Cosmic Latte (Neale Willis, Juan Covelli and Andrew Kiddie)
Darren Cullen
Davide Bevilacqua & Veronika Krenn
Eva & Franco Mattes
Florentin Aisslinger
Forensic Architecture
Iain Ball
Joey Holder
Joseph Steele
Khaled Barakeh
Marion Balac
Nick Ryan & Sean Malikides
Simon Denny
Ted Hunt
Thomas Yeomans
Yuri Pattison


Inside Intel Announcement from CIJ on Vimeo.


Curated by Elliott Burns, India Murphy and Jake Charles Rees.